Flow of Goods Cockpit

Analysis of the flow of goods is our solution to optimize your warehouse. We create transparency and give you the possibilities to simulate “What If” scenarios.
Thus, we create the ideal decision basis for your future optimizations or plant investments.

Connect Data. Analyse. Understand. Visualize.

The interconnectivity of data systems and the understanding of relations and dependencies are vital for obtaining a clear and accurate view of the entire system. Our state-of-the-art Data Visualization feature transforms your supply chain data into compelling visuals. Seamlessly grasp key trends, pinpoint opportunities, and foresee potential challenges at a glance. By unraveling the complexities of your interconnected data, our intuitive interface empowers your team to make well-informed decisions.

By presenting data in a graphical format, patterns and trends can be identified more easily, allowing businesses to understand the performance of their supply chain at a glance. Within seconds, our Real-Time Monitoring feature paints a vivid picture of your supply chain’s performance. Real-time insights enable businesses to make agile and informed decisions, optimizing efficiency while minimizing costs and delays.

Simulate & Predict

Refine your warehouse with confidence and precision through simulation. “Flow of Goods” empowers you to forecast outcomes, fine-tune variables, and make data-driven decisions for optimized efficiency. Precisely forecast outcomes for days, weeks, or months. Run simulations to explore different scenarios, adjusting crucial elements like manpower, settings, and strategies. Make informed decisions that unlock your warehouse’s full potential. Minimize risk and seize opportunities with What-If Simulations. Analyze the impact of changes before implementing them, uncover hidden potentials, and stay ahead of the competition. Streamline processes, reduce costs, and optimize your supply chain.


Gain valuable insights from your simulation results with our Replay feature. Analyze the simulation as many times as needed to relive and examine specific scenarios. With Production Day – Replay, you can revisit a production day as often as you desire, enabling deeper analysis and understanding. Easily navigate to problematic situations and utilize the 3D data set and Data Visualization tools to thoroughly analyze each situation. Whether you seek to study critical moments, identify potential bottlenecks, or assess the impact of strategic changes, our platform lets you explore and dissect every aspect of your production process. Effortlessly identify areas for improvement, all within a risk-free environment.