Green Logistics

Make the energy consumption of your plant components or entire machines transparent. You find optimization potential and manage to reduce costs automatically with our solution.

Making energy consumption transparent

Our solutions provide visibility across the site and enable identification of areas of energy waste in operations. By monitoring and analyzing energy consumption data, facilities can track down inefficiencies such as sub-optimally running equipment or energy-intensive processes. This knowledge enables targeted improvements and energy-saving initiatives.

Transparent energy consumption data also allows industrial facilities to benchmark their energy performance against industry standards or similar facilities. By comparing their energy consumption with that of other plants, they can identify the areas in which they are lagging behind and set appropriate performance targets.

Optimize your energy consumption

Once you have a clear understanding of your plant’s energy consumption, set realistic and measurable energy reduction targets. These targets should align with your overall sustainability goals and be specific to different areas of your plant, such as lighting, HVAC systems, machinery, and production processes. We aim for gradual but consistent improvements.

Analyze your production processes to identify areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made. Look for opportunities to optimize heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, streamline workflows, and minimize idle time for equipment. Implement process improvements that reduce energy requirements while maintaining or improving production output.

Use this data to identify anomalies, track progress towards energy reduction targets, and pinpoint areas that require further attention. Regularly review and analyze energy data to identify trends, implement corrective actions, and evaluate the effectiveness of energy management initiatives.

Automated Deep Sleep

Automated implementation of utilization potentials into existing control systems.

As a default, proposed indicators can be transferred to plant systems via determined utilization and order patterns, on the basis of which existing deep sleep scenarios or those to be developed can be executed.