Smart Maintenance

Smart maintenance is a proactive maintenance strategy that uses data and analytics to optimize maintenance schedules, reduce costs, and improve equipment performance. By leveraging real-time data from sensors, machine logs, and other sources, organizations can identify potential issues before they become more significant problems.

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Deep Insights

Do you have an automated or partially automated plant? Our solution visualizes your operating data, from the sensor to the drive. With this feature, you will be able to record and evaluate data over the time period you define. Track trends, identify deviations, and monitor KPIs like operating hours, load cycles, and distances traveled. The feature is able to visualize basic operational data as operating hours, load cycles, moved distances and for state of the art components even torque, current and temperature if provided.
You already collect your operating data? Use our additional features to improve your business!

Fingerprints of your machines

Get to know our cutting-edge “Fingerprinting” feature with the ability to gather high-resolution data on demand. By capturing detailed information such as vibration, temperature, and sensor readings, precisely when you need it, our feature gives you the possibility to analyze trends, make informed decisions, and achieve accurate forecasts. Experience the advantage of high-resolution time series data, empowering you to detect hidden patterns and optimize outcomes. Elevate your business with the power of data-driven decision-making.

Managing Maintenance Jobs

Easily create, assign, and track maintenance tasks for your equipment, ensuring optimal condition at all times.
Schedule preventive maintenance based on usage, time, or other criteria. Assign tasks to technicians, monitor progress, and receive timely alerts. Our maintenance management feature reduces downtime, extends equipment life, and enhances overall efficiency.
Simplify your maintenance process, increase productivity, and gain cost control with our comprehensive software solution.
Anomaly Detection
By recognizing unusual behavior, such as changes in vibration or temperature, potential issues can be addressed, preventing costly breakdowns.
Proactive identification of anomalies empowers maintenance teams to address potential issues before they escalate.
By leveraging anomaly detection, plant managers optimize operations, minimize downtime, and enhance productivity.
Harness the benefits of anomaly detection for improved equipment reliability, cost savings, and optimized operations.

Site Map

Our solution offers a real-time on-site map displaying performance, fail states, and downtime for entire areas or specific components.
Quickly locate equipment issues, reducing downtime. Optimize resource utilization, minimizing waste. Identify trends and prevent issues, reducing downtime. Promptly identify safety hazards, minimizing risks.

Leverage our on-site map for real-time visibility, cost savings, and enhanced safety.

Downtime Notification

Components or machines can experience downtime or failures, which can cause disruptions in production and lead to financial losses. To avoid this, monitor your plant using our solution and manage downtime events.Using this information, you can quickly identify and respond to equipment failures, minimizing downtime and reducing the risk of further disruptions to production.The downtime notification widget provides historical data and trend analysis, allowing to identify patterns and recurring issues that may need to be addressed.